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“Can we create ideas fast enough to solve the very problems – environmental, social and technological – we’ve created?” Thomas Homer-Dixon

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Doors at 6:30pm, talk at 7:00pm, Book Signing at 8:30pm
Augustana Chapel, Camrose

Community Resilience in a Turbulent World:  Pathways to Innovation

“Can we create ideas fast enough to solve the very problems – environmental, social and technological – we’ve created?”

The global economy has entered a decades-long period of turbulence. Economic shocks are becoming more frequent and severe, and our societies must change profoundly if they’re to adapt and prosper. How can we help diverse innovation flourish, build resilience, and keep our communities nimble in a world of shock and surprise?

An award-winning author and teacher, Dr. Homer-Dixon is one of the world’s leading experts on the intricate links between society, technology, and nature. In simple, clear language, he helps audiences understand how our world is changing. He shows how economic challenges, new technologies, and environmental changes affect people, companies, and societies and how we can turn these challenges to our advantage and be better off as a result.

Dr. Homer-Dixon’s research focuses on threats to global security in the 21st century, including economic instability, climate change, and energy scarcity. He is particularly interested in the deep causes of social conflict, especially economic inequality, antagonistic group identities, polarized ideologies, and scarcities of natural resources. He aims to improve our understanding of how people, organizations, and societies can better innovate in response to complex problems.

His most recent book, The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization, was an immediate #1 bestseller in Canada, a Globe and Mail top 100 pick, the winner of the 2006 National Business Book Award, and a Financial Times Best Book in 2007.

This events is being presented in collaboration with the  University of Alberta’s Office of Sustainability Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, Augustana Campuses Theme Committee,The Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, the School of Energy and the Environment and the City of Edmonton’s Office of Environment.

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