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As a sporting event, fundraiser and community celebration, the First Annual Augustana Campus Staff vs. Student Benefit Road Hockey Game was an amazing success!

By Christopher Thrall

At 7:30 pm on Tuesday, December 4, Camrose Mayor Marshall Chalmers dropped the opening ball on the First Annual Augustana Campus Staff vs. Student Benefit Road Hockey Game in the Edgeworth Centre parking lot.

Twenty students faced off against twenty faculty members. The students – representing nearly every program – ranged from Chaplaincy members to athletes, while professors, librarians and janitors joined Dean Allen Berger on the faculty team. Thanks to Student Services, the Augustana team bus shuttled participants and spectators back and forth from campus. The City cleared away the snow and brought in both bleachers and benches. Two local radio personalities ran the live auction and gave colour commentary. Camrose Cycle donated and set up boards for the game, Tim Horton’s donated free hot chocolate and Pro Sport Photography shot pictures at the event to raise more funds. The Augustana Choir sang O Canada and student Brittany Catherine performed at the halftime show. When the ball finally dropped in the -30 degree chill, 400 fans burst into wild cheering and applause.

In part, they were applauding Vikings goalie Joel Danyluk (2nd Year BSc/BMgmt Sport Studies). The night represented weeks of work and coordination in order to raise funds for Dave Borman, owner of Hockey Plus in Camrose and a huge supporter of athletics in the area. Dave was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer: Joel was inspired to move an impromptu annual “students vs. staff” street hockey game to the next level, both to bring the community together in a larger event and to raise money for Dave. He didn’t do it alone, but he’s happy to talk about the terrific results.

“Each of the staff and students paid $20 to play,” Joel says. “We then got a call from a community member who said they would match the entry fee. We held a live auction that night and raised another $400, so the total came in around $2000.”

This isn’t the first time that Joel has reached out to make a difference in his community. When he was 14 and living in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, he started a teachers vs. students hockey game to raise money for a family whose house had burned down. He helped raise $42,000. The annual event now raises about $50,000 a year for families in need. “I wanted to do something similar at Augustana,” he says. “On a good day, an event like this can involve all of Augustana – and it can extend out to include the whole Camrose community as well!”

At the end of the game, the trophy was presented to the winning student team and the funds were presented to Dave Borman, who was touched by the gesture and the support from everyone who came out. He planned to use the money on Christmas gifts for his family, and donate the rest to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the Augustana Students’ Association. Funds raised from future games will go to benefit other members of the community who find themselves struggling at Christmas.

For photos from the game, please visit – all proceeds from sales of the pictures will go to Dave Borman.

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