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Jeff Mowatt an international speaker, trainer and best selling author is coming to Camrose Feb 20th, 2013      Location: Camrose Best Western Hotel  3201 48 Ave. Seminar times:  Morning session Check-in: 8:30 – 9:00 am.  Program: 9:00am – 12:00pm Registration: $75.00 (again this is normally $210 – but sponsors are subsidizing the rate) Enrolment …

Jeff Mowatt an international speaker, trainer and best selling author is coming to Camrose

Feb 20th, 2013      Location: Camrose Best Western Hotel  3201 48 Ave.

Seminar times:  Morning session Check-in: 8:30 – 9:00 am.  Program: 9:00am – 12:00pm

Registration: $75.00 (again this is normally $210 – but sponsors are

subsidizing the rate)

Enrolment is limited. Last time in Camrose this was sold out. To guarantee

your seating register today by calling:

Rural Alberta Business Centre 780-608-7875 or Camrose Chamber of Commerce 780-672-4217 

Ask about the Design Your Success Series of speakers line up for this spring.

Purchase a package for all 3 speakers and save $50.00

Bonus! This seminar includes Participant Learning Guides and Continuing

Education Certificates for 2.75 hours of professional development. Jeff’s

training tools and resources will also be available at special seminar



Registration is now open to reserve your seats for this Feb 20th seminar.  

Here’s an overview of the program and registration details…

Boost your Business without Cutting your Prices

Smart business people know that your options to stand out from the

competition are limited… cut prices?  Not very profitable.   Improve

product quality? Certainly, but that can take substantial time and money.

The fastest, most cost-effective way to differentiate yourself is to focus

on your service. Customer service can no longer be merely average or simply

friendly; it needs to be remark-able. Here’s your opportunity to make that

happen for your team…

Jeff Mowatt’s half day seminar, “The Art of Customer Service…Influence

with Ease”

Some people claim that taking customer service to the next level is complex.

Jeff Mowatt disagrees.  That’s why he calls his seminar, Influence with

ease.  Jeff reveals easy-to-apply tips, tools and phrases that generate

significant results including:

*       Strengthen customer loyalty

*       Increase spending per customer

*       Recharge customer service teamwork

Participants learn how to:

*       Enhance people’s perception of you by 12% by using a two word phrase

more often   (hint: it’s not please or thank you)

*       Prevent customers from defecting just to save a few dollars

*       Reduce your customers’ buying decisions, and increase purchases by 7


*       Position your ideas, products, and services so that people select

higher value options

*       Meet and exceed the 7 top customer expectations

*       Connect with clients at a deeper level by expressing your ‘grand


*       Use the most prevalent shift in buying behaviors to boost your


*       Avoid 5 common expressions that unwittingly raise skepticism in


*       Tap the ‘humility advantage’ to influence without pushiness

*       Convert an upset person into an advocate of your services

*       Break bad news to others without creating hard feelings

*       Move beyond repeat business to create loyalty (there is a


*       Prevent miscommunications that lead to stress and work overload

*       Boost communication skills both at work and in your personal life

*       Recharge your spirit and brighten your interactions with others

Jeff believes that smart customers no longer value you as an information

provider.  For information, customers can search Google in less than a

second and it’s free.  Free is worthless.  Fortunately however, there are 3

core elements that customers do want from you – better yet to receive them,

they are willing to pay a premium.  You’ll discover how to apply these 3

elements so you’re perceived less as an information provider or order-taker,

and more as a Trusted Advisor.

Whether you and your team members deal with external customers or internal

coworkers you’ll learn valuable skills that generate immediate results

A unique learning opportunity with Jeff Mowatt

Treat yourself to this entertaining, informative session with award winning

speaker, Jeff Mowatt B.Comm, Certified Professional Speaker. Jeff knows his

stuff. He didn’t just read the book – he wrote it! He’s the best-selling

author of the books, Becoming a Service Icon in 90 Minutes a Month, and

Influence with Ease. He heads his own training company and has written and

produced four self-study training systems. His Influence with Ease column

has been syndicated and featured in over 200 business publications. Jeff has

exercised influence himself as a 21-year customer service strategist, former

national president of the Canadian Association of  Professional Speakers,

and business owner.

4 reasons why you and your team should attend this program…

1.      You’ll learn something.  If you’ve ever attended a conference where

Jeff was the speaker, you know that he goes beyond theory and wishful

thinking.  Instead, he shares unique Influence with Ease tips that work in

the real world.  No matter what level you’re at in your organization, you

will learn concepts that earn and hold your customers’ trust – even when

things go wrong.

2.      It’s economical.  The registration fee for this program is only $75.00

Note: Standard registration fee for this session would be $210. For this

event only, you fees are being subsidized by the sessions sponsors.  In

terms of return on investment, consider the payoff of each team member

gaining and keeping just one repeat customer as a result of this training.

How much does it cost you when an employee inadvertently loses a single

repeat customer?  Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your own

skills and show your employees that you believe in them and expect them to

continuously improve their service.

3.      You’ll have fun!  People pay more attention, learn faster, and

retain more when they’re enjoying themselves.  Influence with Ease is an

interesting topic presented by a master professional speaker that can enrich

your communications with just about any other human.  With Jeff you’ll laugh

and learn.  That means boosting your business and morale.

4.      It’s an opportunity to grow your business.  The short-sighted

approach to dealing with price-cutting competitors is just to respond in

kind; cut prices, operate on a shoe-string, hope for better times.  The

problem is customers will always be able to find someone else willing to

provide similar products or services cheaper.  Savvy managers realize your

best option to proper is to become a category-of-one, by simply enhancing

the skills of the people you already have.  You have two choices when faced

with competitive pressures… you can either take refuge or take action.







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