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People are seeking happiness and personal satisfaction in greater numbers every year – but are they looking in the right place?

A February 13 Lunch and Learn with Dr. Sean Moore, Associate Professor of Psychology

Sean-Moore-2_webNew York Magazine estimated the size of the self-help industry in January of 2013 at $11 billion in the United States alone. This includes books, motivational seminars, personal coaches and holistic institutes offering everything from weight loss to group therapy. People are seeking happiness and personal satisfaction in greater numbers every year – but are they looking in the right place?

Research on the psychology of emotional experiences helps explain why humans have difficulty quenching this thirst for sustained happiness. People often fail to fully understand the causes and consequences of happiness: for example, many studies indicate that happy moods often lead to poorer decision outcomes compared to other mood states. They also have difficulty predicting how future events will impact their emotional states. We may fantasize about living in the South Pacific, but don’t get what it would mean to live in Tongan or Samoan cultures.

Dr. Sean Moore, Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus, has focused on the psychology of emotions throughout his undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. He has examined how moods influence people’s responses to persuasive arguments and how emotions alter people’s responses to conflict. Sean paired up with a cultural anthropologist to examine the culture of happiness in the South Pacific Nation of Tonga. He teaches courses that relate to the social and cultural foundations of emotional experience, including social psychology, cultural psychology, emotion, intimate relationships, the psychology of religion, and environmental psychology.

In this Lunch and Learn session, Dr. Moore will describe some of the key findings on the psychology of emotions. If you find yourself looking for happiness in all the wrong places, his perspectives might offer some ideas you hadn’t considered. While he might not offer a silver bullet to achieve eternal bliss, Sean will explore some of the common misconceptions we have about the pursuit of happiness.

Lunch & Learn letter poster 2 - Sean Moore Feb13Wednesday February 13, 2013
12:00 noon – 1:00pm
The Dr. Roger Epp Conference Room, Augustana Campus Forum Building (Upstairs).

Limited Seating is available. To reserve your seat, please email or call Deb at 780-679-1626. Please indicate any special dietary requirements.

$5 Admission at the door (lunch included, RSVP). This event is hosted by the Augustana Alumni Office.

Event parking will be authorized in the parking lot in front of the K. Glen Johnson Faith and Life Building: parking tickets will not be issued between 11:45 and 1:15.

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