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Third-year student Carley Horkoff helped hold a Scalliwags fundraiser for the Battle River Animal Protection Society.

By Murray Green, Camrose Booster

002Carley Horkoff has always had a soft spot for cats. When the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus student heard that the Battle River Animal Protection Society (BRAPS) needed help raising funds for the care and vaccination of felines, she decided to take action.

The third year student from Saskatoon grew up surrounded by family, which included a few cats. “We always had cats and dogs running around the house. When I moved to Augustana, I was never able to own a pet because they are not allowed in residence or the apartment I’m in,” explained Carley. “I felt something was missing in my life. When I heard about BRAPS, I approached these two women (president Laura Houseman and vice-president Monica Rusnak) about volunteering because I missed being around animals.”

BRAPS doesn’t have a facility to care for animals until they are adopted. “When I found out that these two women where taking care of all the cats, graciously and unselfishly putting up the animals by themselves, I wanted to help,” added Carley. “With the vet bills, medicine, litter, food and the time taken out of their lives for these cats – these women inspired me to give something back.”

Carley decided to hold a fund-raiser with some help from her Augustana classmates and sports teams. “I thought they could play music and perform for me and we could raise some money and awareness.”

Mike Morris at Scalliwags Pub and Rum Bar offered the use of his facility for the event. “It all fell into place and we did a lot of advertising around Augustana and we had a pretty full house,” said Carley. “Monica and Laura found some sponsors for prizes and we ended up raising $1,450 for BRAPS.”

The event was such a success that Carley wants to hold a similar event in late February or early March. “I learned some things with the first one and I want to make the second event even better. I have quite a few friends on the volleyball and hockey teams. They all helped and most of them are talented in music and not just sports,” Carley said. “All of the performers were very strong and it made for a fun evening. I heard only good things. Mid-terms are in March, so we want to have another event before students have to prepare for them.”

L to R: Monica Rusnak, Laura Houseman, Mike Morris, Carley Horkoff.

L to R: Monica Rusnak, Laura Houseman, Mike Morris, Carley Horkoff.

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