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Environmental Science students counted the rings from a cross-section of one large spruce tree felled on campus last year, then created a bit of an Augustana and environmental history.

Tree-CookieIn order to make room for the new Performing Arts Centre on Augustana Campus, several trees had to be moved away from the chosen site. Approximately 30 cuttings from one of the oldest poplars, planted just outside the main entrance to Founder’s Hall in 1929, are taking root in a greenhouse at the Devonian Botanical Gardens and are destined to be replanted on the Augustana Campus.

To commemorate the majestic trees that swayed over Augustana for decades, Environmental Science professor Glynnis Hood borrowed a notion from conservationist Aldo Leopold. In his book “A Sand County Almanac”, he chronicles environmental and cultural history by way of counting tree rings in a recently cut oak tree.

Rings-webThis week, Environmental Science students Kenneth Bradley, Ryan Burlingame, Adam Johnson and Nigel Kostyniuk presented a cross-section of one large spruce tree. The AUENV 120 and 421 students counted rings, and created a bit of an Augustana and environmental history of our site.

The “cookie” will be on display in the Augustana Library. Examples of details on the plaque include:

  • 1963 – Spruce tree planted outside North Hall (West Dorm)/Convocation Centre and Hoyme Hall construction begins
  • 1983 – Founders’ Hall moved
  • 2002 – Central Alberta experienced worst drought on record
  • 2004 – Augustana became a Faculty of the University of Alberta
  • 2012 – Spruce tree felled for Camrose Performing Arts Centre site


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