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Papers, posters, Powerpoints or plays – anything goes at Augustana’s Student Academic Conference. The results are always informative!

Augustana students Lee Baumann, Lauren Ross, Alysha Wagner and Carlena Weber shared the effects of caffeine at the Student Academic Conference.

Twice a year, Augustana students gather to present the results of their research and creative work. These could be academic posters full of details from a group project, a Powerpoint presentation on their independent study project, or a musical or dramatic piece they created. Anything goes at Augustana’s Student Academic Conference – and the results are always informative!

On the evening of Monday, April 8, over 100 students – more than ten per cent of Augustana students – will take their turns to show their fellow students, faculty, staff and community members what they’ve been up to all semester.

Professors Doris Audet and Doc Larson – with Dee Patriquin – have organized their Costa Rica students to present their research posters in the forum. Also, chemistry professor Brian Rempel’s student, Emily Ervin, will be the latest of several undergraduate research assistants to present at the Conference.

Visitors to the Student Academic Conference can take in a panel presentation by English professor Roxanne Harde’s students, winners of the Roger Epp Team Research award, who will be off to present their research at a conference in the US a few days after the SAC.

Other presentations include Exploring violence in The Hunger Games Trilogy, Sectarian Violence in Ireland and An Examination of the Effects of Stress on Risk Perception, as well as artistic pieces and poster presentations on everything from The Effects of Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red Light on the Growth and Development of Rapid Radish to The amount of time spent playing video games compared to time spent studying. See the full list of presentations here.

Augustana Campus has been holding student presentations since 1994, long before it became a campus of the University of Alberta. The students will be competing for Augustana’s Outstanding Independent Work Award. The OIW Award is based on students’ presentation at the SAC, their supervisor’s letter of supportĀ plus students’ final paper which is not due until the final exam period.

“Being on the adjudication panel was fun,” says Dean Allen Berger, “but also humbling and difficult. It is fun to learn about the amazing research that Augustana students are doing, but humbling when I realize the sophistication of their projects far exceeds what many of us – their teachers – were able to accomplish as undergraduates. The difficulty will be to select a single award recipient from among so many deserving students!”

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