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The Convocation Ceremony for Augustana’s graduating Class of 2013 will take place at 2:30 pm on Sunday, June 2.

grads-cheerBeginning with the Baccalaureate Service in the Chapel at 10:30 am and followed by lunch in the cafeteria at noon, Augustana’s Spring Convocation Ceremony for Augustana’s graduating Class of 2013 will take place at 2:30 pm on Sunday, June 2. There are a number of events planned around Convocation: please see the list below for details and information about attending.

Please visit our degree frame sales table, our Augustana Alumni portrait frame table, as well as the famous Grad Photo Booth!

The ceremony itself will also see Ms. Sharon Butala, Saskatchewan rancher, writer and conservationist, receive an honorary doctor of letters degree from the University of Alberta.

Don’t miss the Alumni Tea, Class of 2013 Tree Planting and the 2013 Grad Class Photo after the ceremony.

Saturday, June 1

6:00 pm
Graduand Banquet for graduands and their guests. Tickets for graduands and their guests are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Sunday, June 2

10:30 am
Baccalaureate Service: a worship service in the Chapel, with the celebration of the Eucharist. No tickets required.

12:00 noon
Luncheon in the cafeteria: tickets are available in the Registrar’s Office on a first come, first served basis.

2:30 pm
Annual Spring Convocation for the conferring of degrees. Graduands should expect to commence assembling for the event at 1:30 p.m. Admission for guests is by a Reservation Card: see below.

4:00 pm
Class of 2013 photo, Tree Planting and Alumni Tea.

Announcement Cards and Reservation Cards are available for each graduand at the Office of the Registrar. Announcement cards can be sent to inform people about the upcoming graduation. Reservation Cards are given to those who will attend the Sunday afternoon Convocation. A limit of three reservation cards for the ceremony is available for each graduand. Additional cards are available on first come, first served basis.

Banquet and luncheon tickets are available from the Registrar’s Office on first come, first served basis.

Are you a graduating Aboriginal student? Our Aboriginal Students Office has information about our Honouring Ceremony during Convocation.

Classic-Wood-Frame---with-gradGood News for Graduates!

As of June 2, all graduands will become alumni of the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus! Congratulations – and welcome to your Alumni Association!

Are you interested in Augustana photo frames for your graduation picture or University of Alberta diploma frames? A letter, sent to Graduands, has details on frames as well as ways to stay connected, informed and involved in events and professional development through your exclusive new club.

It’s important to make sure we have your current contact info: click here to update us!


Graduands’ Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the exact academic requirements for obtaining a degree?
A summary of these requirements was provided in the letter given to you early in September. Contact the Registrar’s Office for another copy.

Must I apply to graduate?
A preliminary requirement for graduation is that each student must Apply to Graduate online through Bear Tracks. The Calendar says this is to be submitted by February 1st on Bear Tracks. If you intend to graduate and have not applied on Bear Tracks contact the Augustana Faculty Registrar’s Office for an “Application for Degree” form. Please do so promptly.

Is there a fee for renting my gown for graduation?
Yes. There will be a fee of $39.50 for gown rental if you are planning to attend the Convocation ceremonies. This fee is being collected at the Registrar’s office. Please bring your payment for the gown rentals to the Registrar’s Office. Payment can be made by cash, money order, cheque or credit card (Sorry we are not able to accept debit cards.)

If I am taking a correspondence course to fulfill a degree requirement, when should the transcript reach the Registrar’s Office?
By May 3rd.

Can my relatives and friends and myself stay in Residence at Augustana during the Graduation Weekend?
Yes, rooms will be available at competitive rates. For more information check this website.

What arrangements are there for individual graduation photographs?
Graduands may make private arrangements with a photographer for graduation photographs prior to, or following the actual ceremony. Convocation regalia may be borrowed from the Augustana Registrar’s Office for photographs. A deposit of $25.00 is required, and regalia must be reserved from Iris Galenza at least three days in advance.

Must all my fees and accounts be paid before I graduate?
Yes! The degree parchment and transcripts are withheld until all amounts owing are paid in full.

When should I arrange to have transcripts sent to other institutions or to potential employers?
You may place your order for transcripts at any time. Your order will be kept on file and will be filled as soon as possible after all grades have been submitted and checked. June 10th is our own deadline for issuing of transcripts. You may obtain an Application for Transcript from the Registrar’s office on the second floor of the Forum, or on the Augustana website under the Registrar’s Office link; or you can order an official transcript on Bear Tracks.

To whom should I speak if I have a problem?
Contact Iris Galenza or Jonathan Hawkins in the Office of the Registrar at 780-679-1185 or by fax at 780-679-1527;
e-mail or . Student representatives on the Convocation Steering Committee are Sarah Morland at and Jaclyn Ellert at .

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