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With the September 4 Tour of Alberta cycling race coming through Camrose, click here for important road closure and parking information.

The first day of classes, Wednesday, September 4, will be noticeably different this year than other years.

tour_of_albertaThe Tour of Alberta, a world-class professional cycling race including many athletes who raced in the Tour de France, will be taking place in Camrose on your first day back. Given that Camrose is the Stage One Finish of this five-stage race, we anticipate a large number of spectators, visitors and media in the city. While this will be exciting, it will also create traffic congestion and parking issues around the city and near the campus.

The race will start in Strathcona County. The cyclists will have ridden 146 kilometres before arriving in Camrose, which should occur sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 pm depending on weather. Once they arrive, cyclists will make 3 circuits through Camrose, passing west of our campus on 50th Street four times before crossing the finish line at Rudy Swanson Park. This will create several opportunities for faculty, staff and students to enjoy the race from viewing locations right on campus and at the nearby Finish Line Festival.

While classes will be held as usual that day, Augustana will monitor the race progress and keep people informed so that everyone will be able to see some portion of the race. We hope that everyone will wear UAlberta, Augustana, or Vikings clothing with pride so that a strong show of support will be viewed by all the media in town that day (along with television viewers around the world)!

If you are able, we encourage you to enjoy the festivities or watch the race from the reserved University of Alberta grandstand at the finish line. A Finish Line Festival will be taking place at Rudy Swanson Park from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. After the race, a tailgate party will take place at Rudy Swanson Park outside the Recreation Complex from 5:00 to 6:30 pm, leading up to the “Battle of the University of Alberta” hockey match-up between the Golden Bears and our Augustana Vikings at 6:30 pm.


Please note that road closures in Camrose are anticipated to take place for at least an hour sometime between 2:00 and 4:00 pm. If you are driving to campus on September 4, please be sure to arrive before noon. Traveling west to east in Camrose during the road closures will be difficult so you are encouraged to view the circuit map to plan your route. You can find information about road closure and the race circuit map at:


Parking on 50th Street will be restricted beginning Tuesday, September 3rd and throughout Wednesday, September 4th. If you are arriving on campus in the earlier part of the morning of September 4th, you should be able to find parking either in a campus parking lot or on a nearby side street (except 50th street) without too much difficulty. If you are arriving later in the morning or in the early afternoon, you may not be able to find parking without traveling several blocks east of campus. Please be advised that you may need additional time to walk to the campus.

On-campus parking enforcement will be suspended on September 4, but we still need to keep fire lanes and handicap spaces accessible. In addition, we will not permit parking outside normal parking areas, e.g., on grass perimeters.


Classes are in session and meeting at their regular times on Wednesday. The one exception is labs, which do not typically meet until the second week of classes. Normally, professors will make their own judgements about how long to keep a class on the first day. Nothing will be different on September 4. We expect that all students, staff and faculty who wish to see at least a portion of the race finish will be able to do so.

Viewing the race:

The hillside between the campus and 50th Street may be the best location for watching the race, especially as the cyclists will be making a difficult turn at high speeds onto 44th Avenue. In addition, I want to personally invite those of you who wish to have a seat at the finish line to join us in the reserved University of Alberta grandstands. All you need to gain access to this seating is your OneCard.


Supper will be served at the usual time in the Augustana cafeteria. You will also have the option of eating instead over at the Recreation Complex, where the Augustana Student Association and Augustana’s Dean Allen Berger will be cooking hot dogs during the tailgate party from 5:00 to 6:30 pm.

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