Posted on September 16, 2013 by Tia Lalani

Meet the new Theatre Manager for the Performing Arts Centre in Camrose, Kerry Rajotte.

Kerry-Rajotte-Theatre-Manager2In the past week, Camrose’s new Performing Arts Centre achieved two major milestones: the first solar panels of one of Alberta’s largest photovoltaic arrays were installed on the side of the tallest building in Camrose, and Kerry Rajotte started as Theatre Manager.

“I have been watching the construction from a distance online,” says Kerry, fresh from the Fergus Grand Theatre outside Guelph, Ontario. “I could see the building grow on a daily basis. But when I had my hard hat tour and walked into the space where the stage will be… when I looked up into that seventy-foot fly tower… I got very emotional. That was when it became real for me.”

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