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Disbursement changes on two scholarships: Undergraduate Academic Scholarships and the Undergraduate Leadership Awards.

undergraduate-continuing-awards-processFrom the Registrar website

Note from University Registrar Regarding Continuing Undergraduate Awards

September 17, 2013

There has been much confusion regarding Continuing Undergraduate Awards this past week. I would like to help clear this misunderstanding. The two scholarships in question — the Undergraduate Academic Scholarships and the Undergraduate Leadership Awards — are for the University of Alberta’s continuing undergraduate students. Through the generosity of our donors, these two awards programs allow the University to disburse $483,500 annually through awards to 169 students. The average amount per student award winner is $2800.

This year, the Office of the Registrar proposed changing the timing of the awards adjudication process from the Fall Term to the Winter Term. While this does mean that continuing student scholarship winners will receive their funds later than last year, this change will allow the University to adjudicate our entrance awards for incoming students earlier and make scholarship offers earlier to that group.

This is a change in adjudication timing and disbursement timing only. There is no withholding of these scholarship funds. As these awards are supported by endowed funds and not by the University’s operating funds, this change has nothing to do with budget cuts. We have not changed the award terms, the number of recipients, or the amount of the awards. It is my personal goal to ensure that every dollar of these donated funds is awarded to our top students.

Please refer to our Important Notices for any further update on this topic.

Lisa Collins,
Vice-Provost & University Registrar

If you are an Augustana student with questions about how this will affect you, please contact:

Awards and Financial Aid Office
Office: C115 (PDF Map)
Phone: 780.679.1134
Toll-Free: 1.800.661.8714
Fax: 780.679.1164

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