Posted on October 15, 2013 by Tia Lalani

Watch this video – produced by Augustana student Hans Asfeldt – about the First Year Adventure program for new students!

DSC_2052-webThere are many challenges when students leave home to attend university: they are usually most concerned about being accepted by their new peers, making new friends and figuring out how to “live away from home.” Research shows that not only is a student’s social success tied to higher academic performance, but participants in outdoor orientation programs are more likely to graduate from university, have higher grades, stronger social support systems and make healthier lifestyle choices than those who do not participate in these programs.

Augustana’s Residence Services Department and Outdoor Education Program joined forces to develop the First-Year Adventure to provide an opportunity for students to develop social support structures prior to the beginning of classes and moving into dorms.

Find out more from the students themselves, in this video produced by Augustana student Hans Asfeldt!

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