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SCORE! saw its fourth annual “free-cycling” event on October 17th. Did you SCORE! this month?

Communal “SCORE!”-ing

By Brittany Lehman

IMG_7936Did you SCORE! this month?

SCORE! saw its fourth annual “free-cycling” event, hosted by Chaplaincy, in the Augustana Campus Forum on October 17th. The event was the largest yet and was open to all staff and students of Augustana as well as the Camrose community at large.

Tables lined the length of the Forum, covered in everything from board games and books to toasters (all of which I was lucky enough to SCORE!). Several racks of clothing invited attendees to search through the donated items and try them on. Everywhere I looked, people were walking around with their arms full of free stuff.

“I have been involved with this event for the past three years now, initially just to help a friend out and now as an organizer and planner,” said student chaplain Erin Specht. “It’s a great event that helps raise funds for Sahakarini and promote free trade.”

Sahakarini, a local not-for-profit organization, raises funds for development projects around the world.


Event organizer and student chaplain Erin Specht.

While SCORE! itself was free to attend and participate in, attendees were able to donate to Sahakarini via donation jars set up throughout the event. Some of the items deemed the “Score-est of the SCORE!” were put up for auction, with the bids going to the organization. These included a bike, a giant stack of comic books, and even a canoe! Bids placed on these items helped raise $707. With Faith Life Financial pledging to match donations up to $500, the total amount raised for Sahakarini was $1207 plus the amounts from the donation jars, undetermined at time of publication.

There were several other activities for attendees to enjoy, such as origami lessons with recycled paper. The Reciprocity Shelf encouraged students to take any food or personal items they needed and replace them when they can or if they have extra of something. One booth featured free trade certified chocolate, which I could only try if I answered a question related to free trade. (The chocolate is totally delicious.)

On November 20th and 21st, Augustana will host another event called Free Trade Local Made. The semi-annual event features local goods and free trade items. If you didn’t get a chance to SCORE!, you can still support free trade and the local economy by coming out to Free Trade Local Made next month.

Augustana Chaplaincy and the many volunteers who helped organize, promote, and run SCORE! did a fantastic job once again. With increased donations and community awareness, it is exciting to anticipate how much we will SCORE! next year.

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