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From the opening act to the amazing choral ending, not a beat was missed or a crude joke overlooked in the Fall Drama Production.

By Brittany Lehman

LLL5I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the Augustana Drama Department’s production of the 16th Century romantic comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost, by Bill Shakespeare. From the opening act to the amazing choral ending, not a beat was missed or a crude joke overlooked – I was laughing from beginning to end.

Upon entering the doors of the Augustana Theatre, I was transported into the world of the play: the entrance is filled with décor à la forêt and a giant castle. An elaborate forest was also painted onto the set to create the world in which the players stage their show (all of the decorating, set pieces, and costumes were designed and created by cast and crew members).

The character of Boyet was the luckiest and most intriguing of all, in that he was not only gender-bent (played by a female), but he seemed to have license to touch and flirt with every single female in the play. While the lords were pining for their ladies, there was Boyet, grabbing their bottoms and sharing in playful banter. The added touch of a full-on moustache in the style of Chuck Norris only served to add to his macho masculinity and ability to make free with the ladies.

LLL6If you are a fan of the modern day comedy or rom-com (think American Pie or Failure to Launch), much of the humour written into the play involves sexuality in some form or another. Oh, the references to the size and functionality of a man’s most prized member! Several times I found myself guffawing at the actions that accompanied the lines and the reactions of the others on stage. Never have I heard such blatant references to copulation in such an eloquent form.

Director and Drama Professor Kevin Sutley, along with his cast of first- through fourth-year English and Drama majors, did an outstanding job bringing Shakespeare’s words to life. Whether or not you care for The Bard, this play combines love, sex, and sarcasm in a way not to be missed.

Enjoy art, beauty and a good belly laugh with Augustana Drama and Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost.

November 14-16 & November 21-23
7:30 pm, Augustana Theatre Centre

Tickets (available only at the door): $15 (general admission); $5 (students).

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