Posted on November 28, 2013 by Tia Lalani

Augustana Queers and Allies invited people to write – and then erase – words that hurt in a colourful display.

IMG_8697Augustana Queers and Allies, in cooperation with the ASA, hosted an event in the forum called “Erase Words That Hurt”. A booth was set up for two full days, November 26 and 27, during Wellness Week.

On Nov. 26, we encouraged campus members to paint a board with words that have hurt them as individuals. On Nov. 27, people were invited to cover the words with colourful hand prints until all of the words had been “erased”. Throughout the event we were able to generate an open dialogue about the power of the words. We reflected on the difference that context makes, and how we may be unaware of how our words impact others.

Augustana Queers and Allies is a student-led club on campus that fosters a positive atmosphere for all people, regardless of gender or sexual expression.


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