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The Performing Arts Centre received a huge gift last week as Kevin and Ally Gurr presented a cheque for $25,000.

Dean Allen Berger, Kevin and Ally Gurr, Camrose Mayor Norm Mayer.

Dean Allen Berger, Kevin and Ally Gurr, Camrose Mayor Norm Mayer.

On Wednesday, February 5, Kevin and Ally Gurr of Boston Pizza in Camrose came by Augustana Campus with a big announcement – and an even bigger cheque.

Channeling their gift through the Battle River Community Foundation, Boston Pizza and Kevin & Ally Gurr presented $25,000 to the Performing Arts Centre.

“I was personally involved with the Camrose Academy of Dance for 15 years,” says Ally. “I was a board member, my daughters danced and I danced as well. The opportunity to have a facility like this in our own backyard is wonderful… we had to travel so much with the dance academy – there was nowhere in town with a stage to accommodate the number of dancers we had.”

“Watching our kids grow up and have to travel as much as they did,” agrees Kevin, “and seeing all these other communities with facilities like this – it’s exciting to see something like this come to Camrose, to be a part of it.”

Kevin has watched a number of unique facilities built in Camrose over the past few years, including the Recreation Centre – formerly the Edgeworth Centre. “The big thing is that not only is it going to help people living in the community, but it’s also going to be a big draw for people to come in to the community,” says Kevin. “Tying this in with the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus is also a great idea. Not only is it a beautiful location but something like this is going to help draw some extra enrolment too. And as a community we would like to see this campus continue to grow.”

The Performing Arts Centre in Camrose is a state of the art theatre, dance and music venue built as a partnership between the City of Camrose and the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus. Its construction meets international sustainability standards and its photovoltaic array – one of the biggest in Canada – will capture 142 Kilowatts of solar energy to feed back into the Alberta power grid.

The Performing Arts Centre will open in late spring 2014.

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