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Former Augustana Dean Dr. Roger Epp has accepted the position of Vice-Provost (Academic) for the University of Alberta.

small-Roger and students in MerchantsFormer Political Studies professor and inaugural Dean of Augustana Campus, Dr. Roger Epp, has accepted the position of Vice-Provost (Academic) with the University of Alberta.

“It means that I have to pull back from classroom teaching,” says Roger, “which is hard; I’m grateful to have had that experience and determined to maintain meaningful contact with students.” Since he stepped down as Augustana’s Dean in 2011, Dr. Epp has served as a professor and, for several months, interim chair in the Department of Political Science in the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Arts.

Roger has also filled up his time in other ways. “I’ve happily taken up my share of dinner preparations,” he says, “spent longer and shorter times as an academic visitor at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, and Peking University in China, coedited the book Roads Taken, and returned successfully to teaching – including everything from an intro class to PhD supervision.”

Roger Epp received his PhD from Queen’s University and in 1990 joined Augustana University College in Camrose. He helped navigate AUC’s merger with the University of Alberta and became the founding Dean of Augustana Campus in 2004. Under his leadership, Augustana opened a new library; expanded its commitment to community service-learning, undergraduate research, and study abroad opportunities; worked with other faculties to create rural-focussed degree options in Camrose in education, nursing, and physiotherapy; and was accepted as the first Canadian member-campus of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.

According to Provost Dr. Carl Amrhein, Roger’s focus as Vice-Provost (Academic) will be on implementing portions of the academic staff’s Renaissance Committee recommendations on many of the university’s core academic and administrative functions and systems. “Other duties are yet to be fully determined but may involve Centres and Institutes and our Northern Strategy,” Dr. Amrhein continues.

“I expect to have lots to learn in the new portfolio,” Roger says. “I want to bring my commitments to students, to the university’s public mission, and to its multi-campus identity – having now had the privilege to work with good people on two of them – to some new situations in effective ways.”

“Kudos to the Provost,” says Augustana Dean Dr. Allen Berger. “This is brilliant decision. I am particularly pleased because Roger will bring an understanding of what it means to be a multi-campus university – inclusive of our own residential, undergraduate, liberal arts and sciences campus – to his varied work in this new position.”

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