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Emily Ervin presented her poster at the Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference in Victoria.

Emily-Ervin---PosterGraduating chemistry student Emily Ervin traveled to the University of Victoria with her mentor, Dr. James Kariuki, to present her poster at the Western Canadian Undergraduate Chemistry Conference on May 1-3.

“My work was centered around finding a way to use pencil graphite electrodes – made from normal HB #2 pencils – in place of costly commercial glassy carbon electrodes in electroanalytical experimentation,” Emily explains.

“This is a prestigious conference attended by students from all the major western Canadian Universities,” says James.

“The conference was fantastic,” Emily continues. “It was great to see so many undergraduate students involved in high level research, and I even met some others who will be presenting with me at the Canadian Society for Chemistry conference in Vancouver come June. And it was great and very rewarding to see how excited people became when they heard about my work with the pencils – everyone I talked to thought it was an amazing and novel idea!”

She adds with a grin, “Plus Victoria is beautiful, so that didn’t hurt either.”

Emily-Ervin---UVicEmily will be continuing her pencil electrode work with Dr. Kariuki as a research assistant this summer, as well as training a second-year chemistry student to continue her research after she leaves. She plans to enrol in Dentistry or graduate studies at the University of Alberta after a few more undergraduate courses – taken for interest’s sake, since she will graduate in June – and some travel.

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