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We asked a couple of graduating Augustana students what they thought of their mentors.

As part of the University of Alberta’s Convocation 2014 tumblr, they asked for pictures of students posing with their mentors, along with a few words from each about the other. We asked if we could share a couple from Augustana.

Veronika Reichert Jerome MelanconAugustana Political Studies student Veronika Reichert of Airdrie with her professor, Jérôme Melançon. Veronika has published a paper in an undergraduate journal, worked as both research assistant and summer research student, and earned a fully-funded place in the York Master of Political Studies program next year. She credits Jérôme with encouraging her to submit her paper for publication, helping her become comfortable with research, and providing her both guidance and freedom to explore her interests.

Veronika Reichert on Jérôme Melançon: “Jérôme is the most thorough and dedicated professor I have encountered. And he shows that with all of his students. Mentor is the perfect word to describe our relationship – he is not just my professor or employer.”

Jérôme Melançon on Veronika Reichert: “I consider myself not only Veronika’s mentor, but her colleague. She has contributed to my own work as a research assistant, but has also collaborated with me – we are writing a paper together based on her work from last summer. I feel I have benefited as much out of her education as she has.”


James Kariuki Emily ErvinAugustana Chemistry student Emily Ervin of Wetaskiwin and her professor, James Kariuki. Emily has presented her research at conferences around the world, is co-authoring several papers with James, and has helped mentor other chemistry students under his guidance. She credits James for showing her how fun electrochemistry can be.

Emily Ervin on James Kariuki: “James is a fantastic supervisor. I have seen how encouraging and supportive he is to his students, and have enjoyed so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have considered without his mentorship.”

James Kariuki on Emily Ervin: “Emily is proficient in all three facets: academics, research and peer mentoring. Her efforts have been very helpful to me, personally, as her professor. I am very proud of her achievements.”

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