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Augustana Faculty recognized Dr. Lars Hallström with the 2014 Research Award.

IMG_3696Augustana recognized Dr. Lars Hallström with the 2014 Augustana Research Award.

“Since coming to Augustana five years ago,” said Associate Dean (Research) Dr. Roxanne Harde, “the winner of this year’s Augustana Research Award has shown a deep commitment to his own work and the research culture of this campus. What he hasn’t shown is a commitment to one particular research program.”

To illustrate her point, Dr. Harde listed ten academic journals with publications from Dr. Hallström in the past three years. She mentioned two collections of research essays he has edited and are set for publication. Even in his short time at Augustana, the inaugural Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities – fresh from his Canada Research Chair at St. Francis Xavier University – has made a significant impact.

“I have had the pleasure and the honour of working with a number of different faculty members here on research grants, research projects, publications and collaborative work,” said Dr. Hallström.

“His breadth, depth and diversity speaks to my dilettante heart,” Dr. Harde admitted. “His interests in policy and politics, particularly as related to public participation, rural and community sustainability planning, and ecohealth and water management, and his abiding commitment to health, social, environmental and economic equity have made him a perfect fit into this campus, institution, and wider communities, particularly the rural.”

Congratulations, Dr. Hallström.

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