Posted on June 20, 2014 by Tia Lalani

Augustana Faculty recognized Dr. Paula Marentette with the 2014 Murray Lauber Award.

IMG_3691The Murray Lauber Award was established to recognize outstanding citizenship and exemplary contributions to the overall life of the campus by a faculty or staff member. This year, Augustana Faculty recognized Psychology Professor and former Associate Dean (Teaching and Research) Dr. Paula Marentette.

“Even after stepping down as Associate Dean, Paula has continued to be a difference maker at Augustana,” Dean Allen Berger explained. “She has led the charge and galvanized the faculty on matters related to Augustana’s Core requirements, skills assessment, and learning outcomes clarification in our majors. The results–enhanced quality and increased accountability–have been hugely important.”

Paula led the task force on assessment, which included faculty members Paul Harland, Paul Johnson, Shauna Wilton and Bill Hackborn. Together, they worked on articulating Augustana’s core academic skills and then developed plans for communicating those skills through posters, videos and the website. The team also developed a plan for assessing those skills, which was first introduced this year.

Congratulations, Dr. Marentette.

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