Posted on August 25, 2014 by Tia Lalani

New students were welcomed to Augustana Campus in a series of events over the past couple of days.

They started arriving around 10 am on Thursday, August 28. First a couple of cars, packed to bursting with all a brand new student could need as they move in to Residence.

And then the floodgates burst.

Dozens of loud, enthusiastic O-Team volunteers were on location to bundle the students out of their vehicles, cart their stuff to their dorm room, and celebrate their arrival. Groups of O-Team volunteers competed to see who would carry the highest number of fridges up the stairs.

The following day – on Friday, August 29 – the new students were welcomed to Augustana with a formal ceremony. The incoming students were introduced to the Augustana Dean, Dr. Allen Berger, who welcomed them to Augustana with our Bell Ringing Ceremony.


The Ceremony was followed by a return to an Opening Convocation. The students and their parents gathered in the Gymnasium to watch the Academic Procession, and hear greetings from the Augustana Students’ Association President and Dean Berger. Afterwards, they split off to attend their program orientations.

Finally, all were welcomed to a barbecue lunch in the Quad. Students, staff and faculty alike rocked out to Quarantino – a band made up of three Augustana professors – and took advantage of the free University of Alberta Alumni photo booth!


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One response to Augustana Welcomes New Students!

  • Marcie Smigorowsky said:
    Aug 31, 2014 at 8:31 AM

    Good morning, i am a parent of a new student. I wanted to say what an amazing job and greeting all of the O team did for us when we arrived to move my son in. We even arrived at the end of the day. I had to get out of my vehicle as the enthusiastic team was ready to open my hatchback but due to several issues that would have had a bad outcome for my vehicle. I may have seemed like a “grump” as I climbed out and said “NO – don’t open that!”. But they quickly understood and continued on with their amazing job. I apologize as I probably seemed like a crazy person. It was the quickest move in we could have ever imagined. It reconfirmed our decision was correct for which University to attend. Thank you again – it says so much about the students and the University. What a first impression!