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Oh, yeah. We won, all right. Letter from our Dean – plus a photo gallery!

ThumbnailOn Friday, September 19, as part of the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus celebrated the fourth annual Green and Gold Day. Since we also respect our unique heritage within the U of A, we extended the day to include Red and Black – colours of our Augustana Vikings Athletics and our pre-uAlberta identity.

In the spirit of a little friendly competition, Physical Education and Recreation challenged Augustana to show which Faculty has the greatest school pride and spirit by donning their University of Alberta gear and taking to social media. The Dean representing the Faculty with fewer posts would wear the victorious Dean’s hockey jersey at a Council meeting.

The response was phenomenal! After the weekend, Augustana Dean Dr. Allen Berger made the following announcement:

Dean Berger SelfieI often brag about Augustana….e.g., about the quality of the student experience here, the relationships that are created on our campus, etc.
I’m pleased now to add to the list the incredible school spirit at Augustana. And I want to thank all of you who participated last Friday in the Green and Gold challenge from the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation. Many students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members sent in photos or posted them to social media. The official result, determined by a neutral party in the U of A’s Marketing and Communications area, is: Augustana triumphed “by a wide margin.”
Hooray! I hope you enjoyed the fun.
I will now be following up with the Dean of Physical Education and Recreation (he will undoubtedly look good in our Vikings hockey jersey) and with University Relations on North Campus to ensure that our victory is publicized and becomes an opportunity to educate everyone across the U of A about Augustana’s special and important role in the university.
I want to extend a special thank you to:
   Trina Harrison, Alumni and Special Events Coordinator
   Christopher Thrall, Communications Specialist
   Augustana Students’ Association
   Residence Life
   Student Services
   Vikings Athletics
   The U of A Augustana Bookstore
   The U of A Augustana Library
   Augustana Campus Visits Program
   Camrose Chamber of Commerce
   The Performing Arts Centre (which lit the LED halo with UAlberta green with a gold spotlight).

Among the more than 450 posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we selected a tiny gallery of our #ualberta #uofaAugustana pics. Congratulations, Augustana!

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