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This free arts showcase on Nov 16 features pianist Milton Schlosser, visual artist Rhonda Harder Epp and reader Paul Harland.

IMG_6295-webThe University of Alberta is celebrating the new Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre in Camrose by sponsoring an Arts Showcase on Sunday, November 16th at 3 pm. Entitled “Scenes from Childhood,” the event features Milton Schlosser, Pianist, Rhonda Harder Epp, Visual Artist, and Paul Harland, Reader. The event has no charge for admission.

The hour-long presentation takes its title from German composer Robert Schumann’s Kinderszenen (Scenes from Childhood), a famous collection of 13 short piano works that reflect on childhood from an adult’s perspective. Schlosser will perform each of the pieces, while Harder Epp presents childhood through 26 original artworks, and Harland reads poems by various authors on the same subject.

The event is special for a variety of reasons. Along with being one of the first events in the new Centre, the production sees Schlosser playing the new 9-foot Mayer Steinway piano from New York. The piano is one of two donated this past summer by Camrose citizens. These instruments combine with two owned by Augustana Campus to create an unparalleled situation in Canada—namely, a single community of 18,000 citizens with four high-caliber Steinways.

As Schlosser notes in his own words, “it’s a situation I never dreamed of when I was hired as a professor 30 years ago in Camrose.”

IMG_2110Rhonda Harder Epp, a resident of Camrose for two decades and currently living in Edmonton, is an Augustana Visual Arts graduate. Accomplished in a variety of media, she has had her works featured in art shows in Western Canada. For this event, she has created both paintings and drawings. She describes the paintings as “layered colour, figures, and objects partially obscured by the mists of memory and shadows.”

Paul Harland is a published researcher, poetry critic, and writer who has lived in Camrose since 1986. He has been influential as a university educator, with former students of his having published poetry and research. The poems he has chosen include adult reflections on childhood by a variety of authors such as Canadian Margaret Atwood and American Robert Frost. Notably, he features one of his own poems titled “Attic.”

The general public is invited to view Harder Epp’s artwork beginning at 2 pm, with doors to the Cargill Theatre opening at 2:30 pm prior to the 3 pm event. A cash bar will be open afterwards.

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