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Students and staff from all faith backgrounds are invited to a safe, quiet space throughout the year for prayer, smudging, meditation, to “just be”.

Multi-Faith Prayer Room 3

Multi-Faith Prayer Room 3

We are pleased to share that Augustana’s Multi-Faith Prayer Room has been renovated for students wishing to smudge.

The Multi-Faith Prayer Room is located in room 1-350B in the Faith & Life Lounge, west of the glass doors that enter the Chapel. Students and staff from all faith backgrounds are invited to access this safe, quiet space throughout the year for prayer, meditation, and contemplation, or as a space to “just be”.

“Augustana has long held the conviction that a liberal arts and science education forms the whole person, including the spiritual dimension of what it means to be whole,” explains Pastor Craig Wentland. “We are so fortunate that we are inheritors of a campus where conversations about and expressions of faith and spirituality are not only permitted but encouraged. My hope is that a renewed focus on the Multi-Faith Prayer Room will both foster the spiritual health of our community and provide opportunities for conversation and dialogue.”

A fan has been installed and traditional medicines, sage and sweetgrass, will be on hand for students to use. This room is accessible during regular campus hours by 2 doors – one leading in from the Faith & Life Lounge and one leading in from the Chapel.

Aboriginal students asked for a place to smudge on campus during conversations about the new space being designed for students on the lower level of the Forum. The renovation of the Multi-Faith Prayer Room is a response to those requests.

This initiative has been a collaboration between several groups on campus, including Augustana Chaplaincy, Facilities and Operations, Augustana’s Aboriginal Engagement Committee, Student Services, and the Aboriginal Students Office.

You will hear more about the invitation to use this room as a sacred space throughout the year. In the meantime, please feel welcome to use the Multi-Faith Prayer Room and to forward your questions or suggestions to either Robyn Simpson-Mohr, Petra Cegielny, Pastor Craig Wentland or Dr. Jérôme Melançon, Chair of Augustana’s Aboriginal Engagement Committee.

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