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Enjoy a photo gallery of presenting students from the December 2014 Student Academic Conference.

IMG_6607The University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus celebrated the best of undergraduate research on Monday, December 1, at the Student Academic Conference (SAC).

Every semester, Augustana showcases the culmination of the research that students have been conducting throughout the semester. The conference boasts a diversity of topics as well as presentation styles, including oral presentations, art exhibits, musical performances and poster displays.

The students presenting at this year’s Student Academic Conference were from a variety of disciplines including Art, Biology, Chemistry, Community Service-Learning, Computer Science, English, Environmental Studies, French, History, Interdisciplinary Studies, Psychology, Physical Education, Physics, Political Studies, Music, Religious Studies and finally Mathematics.

IMG_6600AUPED 375 student Linda Ervin was delighted to present. “The best thing about SAC is getting to share information with other students and faculty,” she said. In preparation for her presentation on fascia – a type of tissue in the human body – she read seven books, a stack of journal articles and attended a conference in Vancouver featuring eight hours of lectures. “I got to do independent research on a topic that is of great interest to me, and one that would not normally be available in any currently offered classes.” She is grateful to her professor, Gary Snydmiller, for giving her the opportunity.

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