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Students honed communication skills through the art of storytelling as part of a new CSL pilot project.

By Nakayla Hovde

Storytelling in Camrose: Community Service-Learning Partners with the English Program

Nakayla Hovde

Nakayla Hovde

Students from Augustana’s English Program – in partnership with Learning, Advising, and Beyond, the Camrose Public Library, and local schools – were able to work on their communication skills through the art of storytelling as part of a new CSL pilot project: Storytellers-at-Large.

Students at this placement spent a day training with a professional storyteller who helped them learn valuable tools for presentation, whether telling stories, presenting a slideshow, or a delivering a speech. These tools involved ways to engage an audience, to adapt information for a specific audience, and to remember detailed information.

After weeks of practicing a handful of short stories to tell children from Kindergarten to Grade Six, three students were able to do 37 hours of storytelling over the course of ten days in November at Chester Ronning School, École Sifton, Saint Patrick’s School, and Sparling School.

3rd Year Modern Languages student Alliah Krahn

3rd Year Modern Languages student Alliah Krahn

To incorporate the CSL placement into their first-year English course, students had to choose literature that was discussed in class and adapt those texts into age-appropriate short stories to be told to children in local schools. Developing adaptations from these works helped students gain writing and communication skills which, in turn, enabled them to further their ability to write creatively and analytically and to communicate information productively.

The Storytellers-at-Large CSL Placement was a huge success and will hopefully continue to be an option for English Students at the Augustana Campus.

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