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Don’t miss this year’s celebration of Unity in Diversity as Augustana celebrates International Week – NOW WITH PHOTOS!


International Week schedule – click to enlarge!

Augustana’s International Week Committee is excited to present International Week 2015!

Don’t miss this year’s celebration of Unity in Diversity as Augustana celebrates International Week from January 19 to 24.

“Our intention this year has been to cultivate an environment that can lead to a better understanding of diversity while emphasizing our similarities,” explains co-organizer Jaynita Maru, third year Biology and Psychology major from Nairobi, Kenya. “Some of the upcoming events include ‘Meditation Nation’ where we will learn how to breathe in unison (Thursday at 2.15 pm in the forum basement), and Chaplaincy Coffee house on Friday at the Faith and Life Lounge from 2 pm.” I am the international student coordinator along with Thomas Trombetta. My major: 3rd year Biology and Psychology. Thomas: 3rd year Global & Development Studies & Sociology.

Organizers celebrate the opening of International Week.

Organizers celebrate the opening of International Week.

The week kicked off in the Forum on Monday with Dean Berger, Les Parsons, dance performances and mini cupcakes! Each day will feature a different international dish in the cafeteria, from Afri-Caribbean to German and East Indian.

“I am pleased to report that our international student population continues to increase,” said Dean Berger in his opening remarks, “from 34 when I first arrived at Augustana to 46 in 2012, to 69 in 2013, to 106 this year. That alone is cause for celebration, because it is a trend that is strengthening our campus and the quality of the overall student experience for everyone enrolled here.”

“Twelve days ago all of us were shaken by horrifying news from Paris—the massacre of 12 people associated with the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. However, instead of focussing on the killings, I want to draw your attention to the aftermath—first to the massive street demonstration in Paris, where three million people, including many Muslims, Jews, leaders from around the world, and French people from every walk of life banded together to say “Je suis Charlie,” I am Charlie; we are one.

“I was so moved by this response. And I believe all of us should draw hope from this aftermath. But there is still so much work to do. And indeed there is important work for us to do right here at Augustana. Here’s what I believe: I believe that in spending time this week celebrating our Unity, our Unity in Diversity, we will be doing a little piece of that work.”

For a detailed schedule of events please see the attached poster or visit the website at

Enjoy a few photos from International Week so far!

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