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Head Librarian Nancy Goebel introduces several new programs and supports at the Augustana Library.

Three programs are receiving a lot of student attention at the Augustana Library these days, and they have nothing to do with librarian hairstyles, demands for silence, or footwear!

Textbooks at the Library

Library Textbook Program 1

Library Textbook Program 1

The costs of textbooks just keep going up. To help students manage, the University of Alberta Libraries [UAL], in collaboration with the Students’ Union and the Bookstore, is launching a new course reserve textbook initiative!

The aim of this project is twofold: to increase student access to textbooks and to offset costs on them. The first term of this initiative will see over $100,000 allocated to the purchase of select reserve textbooks, funded by UAL and the Students’ Union. Libraries will give priority to purchasing one copy of undergraduate textbooks that cost $100 or more, and that support courses with an enrollment of 50 or more students. A small portion of the budget will also be set aside to respond to individual requests for textbooks that fall outside of these two priority areas.

Interested in finding out if your course textbook is available? Check online. Textbook not available? Submit a request for purchase.

Augustana’s Head Librarian Nancy Goebel mentions, “We hope that students will find some financial relief by checking to see if the book(s) they need are on reserve before purchasing the book.”

Reference Assistance

Library Reference Assistance Schedule 3

Library Reference Assistance Schedule 3

The Library at Augustana is a phenomenal resource for learning and research, but it can be intimidating for some users – whether students or community members. The amount of materials available and some of the technology can be daunting.

While our friendly librarians and assistants are available to answer most questions, we also offer specific assistance JUST for your research.

A reference assistance schedule has been posted with hours available for walk-in (appointments can be made outside these hours). You can also try the chat service or email for help!

Nancy Goebel comments, “In life one needs to figure out how to get that important step ahead some times. Most students do not understand that they need to learn to do progressively sophisticated searching in their research and that typing words in a box will get you only so far. We can help you do better searches, and research shows that leads to better grades!”

Kids Korner

Library Kids Korner 1

Library Kids Korner 1

In a nutshell, we have designated a space in the lower level as “Kids Korner”. It has a small table and four child-sized chairs. It is to the right of the group room that is at the bottom of the stairs.

So, when someone with a child needs to do some library work they can do that at the nearby “adult table” while their children colour, play with magnets, a tablet, toy animal figures or Mega Blocks! We even provide change pads and wipes. Please spread the word … these items are now ready for use!

“We recognize the academic library of old less and less. First you could TALK in the library, then you could EAT, and now you can not only BRING CHILDREN we will lend you TOYS!” offers Nancy Goebel. “There are students who are not able to do the research and studying that they need because of young children in tow. The library has been seen as a barrier in that process: we hope to take that barrier away!”


Programs like these make the Augustana Library unique and one that offers that little bit extra to make the student experience ROCK (no loud rock music in the library, please)!

There is more coming soon. Plan to visit the augustana human library the evenings of February 9 and 10. Come and “read” a “human book” and learn firsthand about the real challenges that human books have faced. Growing up with a mentally ill mom, having brain cancer and multiple associated surgeries, being an atheist, and more!

* – We reserve the right to wear sensible shoes … have you walked in the parking lots here lately?

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