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“There are so many parts to the degree – major, minor, Knowledge core, Engagement core, science credits, arts credits. It’s a lot to keep track of.”

Are you graduating when you think you will? Do you want to study internationally – or north of the Arctic Circle on an epic Outdoor Ed canoe trip?

24Feb - Course Selection Package Pickup

24Feb – Course Selection Package Pickup

Every year, the Learning~Advising~Beyond office offers free chocolate bars and course planning services for current Augustana students. This year, you can swing by the Forum any time on Tuesday between 9 am and 4 pm to collect your Course Selection Advisement package and chat about your options for your undergraduate experience. And walk away with a free chocolate bar!

You don’t have to plan your next year while you stand there: make an appointment with your Academic Advisor or check out one of the group sessions in order to make sure you’re on track for graduating or to find out about international opportunities available to you.

Academic Advisor Sarah Tregonning discusses some of the benefits of the Course Selection Advisement Process:

“Every year, we offer CSAP to help students plan their next year’s classes,” she explains. “There are so many parts to the degree – major, minor, Knowledge core, Engagement core, science credits, arts credits. It’s a lot to keep track of. This year we are offering workshops to first year students, and some for specific majors or programs (such as the BSc/BEd) to show them how to build their schedules and go over the main points of planning their degrees. We will also meet with students one on one to go over their schedules with them and answer questions about their programs.”

While the Academic Advisement Report is available online through Beartracks, technology alone is not enough.”So many students are looking at doing after-degrees in Education, Nursing, Medicine, Law, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Medicine, and others,” says Sarah. “We often meet with students to talk about what they need for these other programs, as well as different ways to achieve their career goals, the different paths they can take through university. We encourage them to look beyond the major they thought they wanted when they got here and consider what subjects they enjoy the most now that they are here. Sometimes things change and students find new directions that take them exciting and unexpected places. This is all part of CSAP advising and one of the most fun things students can do at this time of the semester!”

CSAP is designed to give students a better understanding of what their degree looks like overall. “When students come meet with us to go over their courses, they start to understand what they are working toward and how the pieces all fit together,” Sarah says. “They talk through the core and the advantages of the liberal arts and sciences program. We end up talking alot about what kind of jobs you can get with your degree. Once students realize the opportunities they have and the different ways they can complete their degrees, they start to feel a real sense of freedom and discovery.”Academic Advisors can also help with international trips, field studies courses, and outdoor ed trips.

“The upshot of CSAP is, there are many ways to plan your degree,” Sarah says with a smile. “Some students want to make sure they do it in 4 years, some are planning for other professional degrees as well, some are thinking over different options. We work with them all to sort out where they want to go and the different ways they can get there.”

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