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Kristine Nutting will present the 2015 Last Lecture on “belief in the age of irony”.

By Katelyn Gael, The Dagligtale

a08Apr - Last Lecture

a08Apr – Last Lecture

The results are in: Kristine Nutting will give this year’s Last Lecture. Nutting has been teaching drama at Augustana since 2005, and will be sharing Things You Shouldn’t Say in Public. In today’s culture, Nutting says, there is a perception that to believe in something is not only naive, but even can be perceived as distasteful.

Nutting wants to use her lecture to address things that are skirted around in today’s culture, that teachers don’t discuss and students don’t discuss because they feel confined to stick to what is expected of them. She wants to address that “teachers are supposed to stay in their teacher boxes, students in theirs,” even though it is what you believe in, or how you find meaning, that is important.

Nutting states that she wants to talk about this because she sees it every day – students who are overwhelmed or filled with cynicism. Not talking about it can result in inertia, when life can be so much more than that. How does someone believe in something in an age of irony?

Nutting acknowledges the importance in what is taught every day, but wants to dig deeper, and encourage students to do the same, with this lecture. “There is much to be said in terms of inspiring daily research – the research of experiment, the experiment of the life lived, we practice for everything, but not for living. We are so overwhelmed by keeping up, staying on it, being it, representing it, that we are literally missing the whole.”

The Last Lecture is happening at 7 pm on April 8 at the Lougheed Centre. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Come out to hear Nutting share what she has to say, syllabus aside.


Wednesday April 8th – Last Lecture

We hope you will join us next Wednesday evening to take part in Augustana’s first Last Lecture! After Kristine’s lecture please stay to celebrate another academic year coming to a close and to bid our students farewell (until next year) or wish them well in their future endeavours! A wonderful reception will follow.

Award-winning Drama teacher Kristine Nutting holds Master’s degrees in Fine Arts and Performance Art/Social Deviance. She researches new methodologies for Western Canadian Performance Creation.

For her Last Lecture, Kristine will address “belief in the age of irony.” How does the once idealistic young mind cope with the endless inertia of an “already posted that” culture? How can a student experience their education in a meaningful way?

Wednesday, April 8 at 7pm

Reception to follow
Mayer Community Hall, Lougheed Centre

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