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Augustana Campus Launches Sustainability 101: professional education programs for skill development and training in rural and municipal settings.

U of A – Augustana Campus Launches Sustainability 101

Faculty To Offer Open Enrolment Professional Education Training on Rural Sustainable Management

AEE_colourThe University of Alberta – Augustana Campus has launched Sustainability 101, a series of new professional education programs to address the need for leading edge skill development and training in rural and municipal settings. The first session, Governance in Sustainability, is a 1 day short-course that is now open to the public for registration.

“Rural communities have immense creativity, great people and real energy for facing new challenges, whether they are economic, social, political or environmental. Our goal here is to support those assets with tools that link decision making and implementation with our expertise in public policy, leadership and political research”, explains Lars Hallström, Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities.

The Governance in Sustainability pilot is the first in a series of 1-day short courses designed to support the increased knowledge, capacity, and skills that enhance sustainability in rural communities. Based upon a 5-pillar model of sustainability (Governance, Economic, Social, Environmental, Cultural), these courses will provide managers, business owners, executives and elected officials with the opportunity to learn how to develop tangible skills that address the broader challenges faced by communities and organizations when planning for sustainability. The Governance in Sustainability course also provides participants with key strategies and decision- making tools to manage sustainability in rural/provincial governments as well as in partnerships and business collaborations.

Sustainability 101 falls under the umbrella of the new Augustana Extended Education (AEE) program. Utilizing Augustana’s liberal arts and sciences faculty expertise through intensive, open enrolment short term courses, seminars, and certificate programs, AEE programs are designed for professionals from every sector who seek to expand their skills at a top 5 Canadian University.

Additional AEE programs are in development. To find out more information about Augustana Extended Education, or to enroll in Governance in Sustainability, go to

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