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Alyssa Belanger was recognized for her work towards integrating sustainability into the Augustana and Camrose communities.

By Cameron Raynor

Alyssa Belanger Sustainability Award 4

Dr. Roger Epp presents Alyssa Belanger with the University of Alberta Sustainability Award.

This year, Augustana student Alyssa Belanger won a university-wide Campus Sustainability Leadership Award for her work and advocacy towards integrating sustainability into the Augustana and Camrose communities.

Alyssa is in the Environmental Studies program at Augustana and a driving force for environmental sustainability. The issue has always been very important to Alyssa; she sees it as a social responsibility – a responsibility to leave a healthy planet for the future and a positive legacy for our children.

During her time at Augustana, Alyssa has undertaken many sustainability oriented projects. Stand outs include working with the local Battle River Watershed Alliance, gaining green certification for the Augustana Student’s Association, participating in related Community Service Learning projects, and helping to organize the Earthwise club’s “SCORE!” and “Ugly Sweater Day” events.

Alyssa was in the midst of running in the Augustana Student’s Association election when she heard she had won the award. “I was shocked and honoured,” she said, “since it was open to students at Augustana and the much bigger North Campus, I just didn’t think about being selected!”

Alyssa brings a sustainability perspective to the projects she undertakes. To Alyssa, this means moving beyond education about environmental issues to finding ways to make events and organizations greener in a way that is easy to carry out on a day to day basis.

Alyssa says her experience at Augustana has been instrumental in developing her passion and knowledge of sustainability. She credits great professors in the Environmental Studies program who have made her passion for the environment even stronger, and she feels well supported by the strong community at Augustana.

Recently, Alyssa has been working with Facilities and Operations to create a campus light pollution management plan, and she plans to continue that project in the fall.

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