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Three Augustana professors – and a student proofreader! – have their journal’s first issue under their belts.

cover_issue_421_en_USLast year, Augustana announced that our professors would make up half the editorial board of Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching (CELT), a scholarly journal produced by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (STLHE). Managing Editor Dr. Neil Haave (Biology) announced June 14 that he, Dr. Roxanne Harde (English), Dr. Janet Wesselius (Philosophy) and undergraduate student Sara Dyck produced their first issue!

Read the full issue here:

Read Dr. Haave’s Editorial: Education as a Transformative Experience here:

“CELT is a publication of STLHE which publishes presentations from the previous year’s annual meeting that have been reworked into a scholarly essay and peer reviewed,” Neil explains. “Volume 8 contains essays from the 2014 STLHE annual meeting in Kingston, Ontario.”

While the editorial board has representation across Canada, Neil is proud that Augustana Campus has been so involved in the journal’s production. “The Faculty not only donated Lois Larson’s invaluable administration support, but a research assistant position was detailed to proofread the entire thing,” he says.

Sara Dyck

Sara Dyck

Fifth year Biology major Sara Dyck from Salmon Arm, BC, was hired as Dr. Haave’s summer research assistant to prepare for AUBIO 111, Integrative Biology I, which will be offered for the first time this fall. However, when the student who is preparing to take her Medical College Admission Test in September was invited to spend three weeks proofreading an academic journal, she was a little daunted at first.

“I was flattered that Neil had confidence in my abilities as a writer and thought that I could handle this meticulous task,” she says. “I was responsible for combing through all 19 articles for anything that had slipped through the editing and revision processes: formatting errors, spelling and punctuation, references, et cetera.”

As a student, Sara had never really given much thought to what it took to get articles published. She used them in her research, but a look behind the scenes gave her an appreciation for the same challenges faced by students and academics: revisions, citation systems, and journal requirements for publication. She relied heavily on the Augustana guide to American Psychological Association style, which is used in CELT.

“I am proud of being a part of the team that had to cooperate – despite vastly different schedules and backgrounds – to make this issue a success,” she says.

“I knew it was going to be a lot of work,” Neil smiles, “but I was unprepared for how much time and effort were going to be required to nail down the final details. I was impressed by willingness of authors to address issues that came up during the final proofreading process. Even after going through three peer reviewers, an editor, myself and Lois, Sara Dyck still found a number of proofing errors that we needed to fix during these last couple of weeks. Also, I received great assistance from Peter Marval and Peter Zimmerman from the University of Windsor with graphics and technical issues.”

“Publishing this journal just shows Augustana’s growing involvement with the scholarship of teaching and learning,” he concludes, “which reflects the importance this campus has always placed on teaching.”

Find out more about the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education here:

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