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A 3-day learning commons focused on rural economic and community development.

a02-04Oct - Rural Alberta Learning Commons

a02-04Oct – Rural Alberta Learning Commons

Rural Alberta Innovation & Learning Commons 2015
Friday October 2, 2015 – Sunday October 4, 2015
University of Alberta, Augustana Campus, Camrose, Alberta

The Rural Alberta Innovation and Learning Commons provides baseline and in-depth information that creates a strong foundation for understanding and knowledge surrounding rural community and economic development strategies, realities, best practices and challenges, and subject matter surrounding the wellbeing of rural communities as a whole.

Rural Alberta is often under-serviced, and is often void of training opportunities for individuals employed in a career that touches on community and/or economic development. This event begins to change that reality by providing a wide range of learning opportunities being taught in a rural location. This three-day learning commons is focused on rural economic and community development and is an excellent opportunity to participate in various rural focused topics such as; community and economic development, business succession, sustainability planning, recruitment and retention, social policy, continuing care, aboriginal relations and the changing agricultural landscape.


1. Increase community and economic development knowledge capacity;
2. Improved collaboration amongst rural communities;
3. Providing a forum for networking and sharing between rural communities in Alberta;
4. Align with Government of Alberta priorities;
5. Provide an avenue for training and professional development that is a minimal time and cost commitment; and,
6. Provide this forum to build a business case for the need for further rural economic and community development education opportunities


The Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities (ACSRC) is a joint initiative between the University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus and Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, that strives to fill the gap for research and policy in rural areas by fostering constructive dialogue, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and developing partnerships between University of Alberta and rural communities in Alberta and beyond.

Battle River Alliance for Economic Development (BRAED) is a not-for-profit Regional Economic Development Alliance made up of 29 municipalities in East-Central Alberta that aims to work with and provide resources and tools to their members and partners to help increase their economic development capacity.

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