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We celebrated both our CCAA National Scholar Athletes and ACAC Academic Athletic Awards in a ceremony on October 28.

IMG_3475Augustana Campus celebrated both our 2014-15 Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) National Scholar Athletes and Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference (ACAC) Academic Athletic Awards in a ceremony on October 28. These awards are presented annually each fall to account for Winter Term grades.

“We have much to celebrate,” said Dean Allen Berger. “Among the 94 schools that are members of the CCAA, the average number of athletes who receive the organization’s National Scholar Award is 9. At Augustana, we have 35 athletes receiving this recognition!

“And that does not include our scholar-athletes in hockey, biathlon, or cross-country skiing, as these are not CCAA sports,” Berger continued. “There are 10 additional athletes from these sports who will receive recognition as scholar-athletes from the ACAC. I am proud not only of our student-athletes, but of our coaches. As a group, they have made clear the importance of academics, and they have supported these young men and women to excel both in the classroom and on the field, court, track and arena.”

See a photo gallery of award recipients at the bottom of this post!

IMG_3476CCAA National Scholar Award Recipients

The National Scholar Award is designed to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of CCAA student-athletes. To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year. From last year’s 94 CCAA member-institutions, 869 student-athletes were awarded the prestigious honour in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence.

Taylor Foreman, Basketball
Connor Gusdal, Basketball
Jamin Lockert, Basketball
Darian Smigorowsky, Basketball
Sebastien Turcotte, Basketball
Zane Warren, Basketball
Bradi Lorenz, Basketball
Anna Montgomery, Basketball
Richelle Wagner, Basketball
Nils Asfeldt, Cross Country Running
Anna Eriksson, Cross Country Running
Trent Hebert, Cross Country Running
Sarah Brown, Curling
Kristen Huber, Curling
Ashley Smith, Curling
Celine Amundrud, Golf
Adam Mckenzie, Soccer
Dillon Lehman, Soccer
Braeden McKenzie, Soccer
Mark Wrubleski, Soccer
Isabella De Goeij, Soccer
Lee Metrunec, Soccer
Julia Stinson, Soccer
Nazheef Gangji, Soccer & Volleyball
Jordan Gardiner, Volleyball
Andrew Kaliel, Volleyball
Shane Kimber, Volleyball
Thomas Regier, Volleyball
Jill Alcorn, Volleyball
Nicole Brockman, Volleyball
Alana Fahlman, Volleyball
Jaclyn Fischer, Volleyball
Jill Metrunec, Volleyball

IMG_3500ACAC Academic Athletic Award Recipients

Honoring those student athletes who excel not only on the field of competition but also in the classroom, the ACAC honors those student athletes that compete in a sponsored sport within the ACAC and do the work necessary in the classroom to earn academic honor status at their respective institutions.

Taylor Foreman, Basketball – Men’s
Connor Gusdal, Basketball – Men’s
Jamin Lockert, Basketball – Men’s
Darian Smigorowsky, Basketball – Men’s
Sebastien Turcotte, Basketball – Men’s
Zane Warren, Basketball – Men’s
Bradi Lorenz, Basketball – Women’s
Anna Montgomery, Basketball – Women’s
Richelle Wagner, Basketball – Women’s
Nils Asfeldt, Cross-Country Running
Anna Eriksson, Cross-Country Running
Trent Hebert, Cross-Country Running & Indoor Track
Matthieu Martin, Cross-Country Running
Rhiannon Beatty, Curling
Brandon Brown, Curling
Sarah Brown, Curling
Kristen Huber, Curling
Andrew Klassen, Curling
Ashley Smith, Curling
Hailey Smith, Curling
Celine Amundrud, Golf
Dylan Coupal, Hockey – Men’s
Preston Eshenko, Hockey – Men’s
Devon Hobbs, Hockey – Men’s
Adam Johnson, Hockey – Men’s
Jeff Lorenz, Hockey – Men’s
Kevin Lourens, Hockey – Men’s
Jennifer Dillon, Indoor Track
Adam McKenzie, Indoor Track & Men’s Soccer
Nazheef Gangji, Soccer – Men’s and Men’s Volleyball
Dillon Lehman, Soccer – Men’s
Braeden McKenzie, Soccer – Men’s
Mark Wrubleski, Soccer – Men’s
Isabella De Goeij, Soccer – Women’s
Lee Metrunec, Soccer – Women’s
Julia Stinson, Soccer – Women’s
Jordan Gardiner, Volleyball – Men’s
Andrew Kaliel, Volleyball – Men’s
Shane Kimber, Volleyball – Men’s
Thomas Regier, Volleyball – Men’s
Jill Alcorn, Volleyball – Women’s
Nicole Brockman, Volleyball – Women’s
Alana Fahlman, Volleyball – Women’s
Jaclyn Fischer, Volleyball – Women’s
Jill Metrunec, Volleyball – Women’s

And the Challenge continues!

Dean Allen Berger reminded our scholar-athletes of his pledge at the awards ceremony: if an Augustana Vikings team wins both a Conference Championship AND the Highest Team GPA Award at Colour Night, he has promised a $10,000 donation!

Other recent Viking accolades:

Congratulations to Student Athlete, Corey Kosloski, of the Vikings Hockey Team. Corey was selected as Marmot Basin/Hostelling International Jasper ACAC Athlete of the Week for October 19, thanks to his efforts over that weekend.

Braxton Fox, 4th Year Kinesiology student has been named ACAC Golf Player of the Year Read more here:

Bill Penny, Head Golf Coach, has been named CCAA Coach of the Year (National Award). Read more here:

Augustana has two CCAA Golf All-Canadians: Braxton Fox & Michael Harrison
Read more here:

Congratulations to Student Athlete, Cole Feth of the Vikings Golf Team. Cole was selected as Marmot Basin/Hostelling International Jasper ACAC Athlete of the Week for September 14.

Visit for upcoming games, season passes and more Vikings news!

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