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London physician Dr. Andrew Solomon reveals what “performance-enhancing drugs” actually do to the body.

09Oct - Doping Lunch and LearnPlaying with Fire : Drugs , Doping and The Olympic Torch

Sport finds itself facing a highly specific threat to its ethos of fair play. Multiple individual examples of high profile individuals and suspected systemic programmes of doping in sport are engulfing the relevant federations, and creating a culture of uncertainty due to incomplete detection. The non-therapeutic use of agents – including anabolic steroids – with the capacity to enhance athletic performance is rife, and must be so for a reason. Notable people have admitted to using a cocktail of factors, ranging from testosterone to growth hormone, ‘Epo’ and beyond.

In this talk I will present a wide range of evidence from laboratory-based studies designed to see what happens to skeletal muscle when such agents are used to benefit performance. Do intensive physical training plus an increased presence of anabolic factors have a synergistic effect? Do ‘designer steroids’ mimic naturally occurring androgens ?; Does skeletal muscle respond to high exogenous levels of testosterone?; Is there any potential for ‘gene doping’?; These questions will be answered and perspectives on the future impact on such exposure will be proposed.

Often, those taking these agents underestimate the adverse effects on their metabolic and endocrine physiology and can find themselves in clinically challenging circumstances in their post-exposure period.

When these people were competing, they did not play fair, they were playing with fire.

Andrew Soloman 2Dr Andrew Solomon
Consultant Physician Diabetes, Endocrinology and General (Internal) Medicine at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, Honorary Consultant Physician Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Andrew Solomon trained at Oxford Medical School, graduating with distinction. He then trained in general (internal) medicine, diabetes and endocrinology in North London. He was a research fellow at the Royal Free leading to a doctorate in medicine and has an interest in fertility-related aspects of endocrinology.

Friday October 9, 2015
12:00pm – 1:00pm, Roger Epp Conference Room
Lunch available for purchase $5
Bag lunches welcome

Please Register: Space is limited. Register with Debra Olafson @ 780.679.1626 or

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