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On Dec 7, Augustana students have the almost unheardof opportunity to present their undergraduate research projects to the public!

07Dec - Student Academic Conference

07Dec – Student Academic Conference

Twice a year, Augustana students present their research to faculty, fellow students, and the community at the Student Academic Conference. These presentations come from independent study projects or group work in their classes.

Not only does this SAC promise diverse presentations and multidisciplinary content, organizer Stacey Rempel also mentioned a higher number of posters, art, and visual components this time around. These additions will undoubtedly add a creative flair to the students’ research.

Rempel pointed out that presenting undergraduate research is not an opportunity all universities have, and Augustana offers a safe place to do so. Not only does presenting help students see the real world application of their work, it also allows them to support one another and learn outside of their discipline.

Dean Allen Berger stated that he is impressed by the work of Augustana students every term at SAC, and encourages everyone to come.

Berger goes on to note “undergraduate research is one of the most powerful differentiating features for Augustana graduates when they compete for jobs or admissions to graduate school after their studies here.”

Kate Gael

Student Academic Conference (SAC)
6 – 10pm  |  Monday, December 7

Check out the schedule of presentations here and plan your evening accordingly! If you need some suggestions…

  • Carly Olafson, Cole Smith, Katie Stasiuk and Natalie Marsden will reveal how they made science fun and interactive through community connections
  • Shadi Rahbani will discuss how students and teachers participate in racism in the classroom
  • Cassandra Koenig will reveal urban and rural prostitution in early 20th Century Alberta
  • Andrew Speakman will dig into the life and work of Nikolai Tesla
  • Meagan Forberg, Dana Bulger and Alexander Olson will look at “Test Tube Teeth”, the genetic approach to a perfect smile

And there are many, many more – including poster presentations and refreshments! We hope to see you there.

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