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The Camrose Ski Club and Vikings Athletics invite you to volunteer at the Calforex Cup – right here in Camrose on January 9 & 10.

Happy New Year, Vikings Fans!

male biathlete shooting 2It’s that time again: your big chance to watch Biathlon right here in Camrose! The Camrose Ski Club and Vikings Athletics would like to invite you to consider volunteering and supporting our Vikings Athletes at the Calforex Cup – right here in Camrose on January 9 & 10.

Augustana is proud to be home of the ONLY Collegiate Biathlon program outside of Europe.

As per usual, we are in dire need of some VOLUNTEERS – biathlons need lots of people to help. If you or someone you know would be interested in spending five hours a day helping out and learning the fun and excitement of Biathlon, please let us know. We’re offering free hot chocolate, coffee and lunch – plus bragging rights beyond compare!

Please contact Jan Stepan, Volunteer Coordinator, at or phone us at Athletics – and we’ll point you in the right direction 780.679.1540 or 780.679.1195


Super Cool Volunteer Positions at a Biathlon Race:

Most of the jobs are not that difficult and your supervisor will review the required tasks at the beginning of your shift.

Finish Area –before athletes leave the finish area, the transponders must be removed from their ankles and placed on the collection rack, and bibs must be collected for washing before the following day’s race. Athletes can be directed to the exit from the finish area. Water and food is available for athletes at the finish line. Volunteers must be dressed appropriately to work outside for 3-4 hours.

Range Recorders – You will record the scores for each shooting bout on pre-printed stickers. Attention to detail is essential when recording the lane #, Bib #, and missed shots. Dress to work outside for 2-3 hours at a time.

Range Pullers – You will pull ropes to reset the targets. Dress to work outside for 2-3 hours at a time.

Stickerboard Collator – Indoors – Range data stickers are brought from the range into the timing building and placed on a grid. Stickerboards must be prepared before each day’s racing. Some kneeling and reaching required, attention to detail is essential.

Sticker Runner– Range data stickers are collected from the range recorders on a continuous basis and brought into the timing building to the Stickerboard Collator. Dress appropriately for working outside for 2-3 hours.

Manual Timing Crew – SIWI Data is responsible for the electronic timing for all IBU events. A manual back-up for all timing functions is required in case of malfunctions in the electronic system. A variety of duties may be assigned to this group from marshalling athletes in the start area, recording order of finish, or pre-calling finishers. Good vision (to read bib numbers) and attention to detail is required for most tasks.

Start – Ensure athletes start in the correct order and at the appropriate time. Attention to detail essential. Dress appropriately to work outside for 2-3 hours.

Transponders – Electronic transponders are place on both ankles of the competitors in the start area. Attention to detail is essential; position requires kneeling and manual dexterity. Dress appropriately to work outside for 2-3 hours.

Penalty Loop [Sunday only]

Controllers – Working in pairs, one person calls out the bib number of every passing athlete, while the other records it on the forms provided. Attention to detail is necessary, be dressed appropriately to work outside for 2-3 hours.

Runner – Collect data sheets from the Penalty loop Controllers during the race and deliver to the collator in the Timing Building. Continually active, dress appropriately to work outside for 2-3 hours.

Collator – compiles data from Controllers sheets onto a single page. Attention to detail essential, works indoors in timing building.

Course Controllers – Working in teams of two at designated points on the course, one person (the Caller) calls out the bib number of each passing athlete. The other person (the Recorder) writes the number on the forms provided. This ensures every competitor skis the correct course the appropriate number of times and alerting us if someone goes missing and may be injured on the course. You should also be alert to unauthorized persons on the course during the race and stop them before they interfere with the athletes.

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