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What if a community could create the better world it wished for, where all people, communities and ecosystems could live well?

The Prairie Peace Convergence: A transformative education for all people, lands and generations

27Feb -Prairie Peace Convergence Conference

27Feb -Prairie Peace Convergence Conference

What if a community could create the better world it wished for, where all people, communities and ecosystems could live well? Each person, animal, vegetable and mineral valued; essential to the whole. What if living vocationally was the way one contributed to the local and global community? What if the collective gifts of a community could meet all its needs? What if a community could transcend injustice while living in it? What if a community revered its diversities in sex, race, orientation, abilities and cultures because its citizens were rooted in their landscapes – the commonplace to which all belong – the story of global indigeneity that makes us one…

On February 27th people of the Alberta Prairie – of Indigenous, Immigrant and Settler story – are invited to gather as one prairie community as the starting place from which we learn how and are compelled to live well together with the land.

This participatory community dialogue is premised on the notion that a community is capable of discovering within themselves the courage and ability to engage reality, and change it. Through gathering in diversity and difference, a community learns and teaches each other what is truly required to reconcile. And the bonds of friendship that begin to form between them and their lands is that which compel them to do so.

In this dialogue you will be invited to: listen to those with whom you may disagree, see those on society’s margins as most knowledgeable and essential to the pursuit of peace and justice, discern your particular gifts and skills and uniquenesses, risk being compelled to offer them for the community, learn and teach, and… imagine the full possibilities of world peace and what it could look like on the prairie.

By participating you will risk seeing others as yourself, being changed and having a world of fun! Hear about the life work of our community members (from deans to tweens, farmers and social workers!) Hear the stories of communities around the world that have transformed their realities, and practice the pedagogies they propose.

The hopes we share for just societies and healthy environments, meaningful work and education, reconciliation and restorative cultures resides in a choice: to live and work in relationship as a prairie community, or not. What if by beginning together, the prairie community could live in the way of a world that is, indeed, for all relations and generations…

Feb 27 2016 | Camrose AB | Treaty 6
Augustana Campus 1:00-6:00pm | Free!
All are welcome. All are needed.

“Enduring change is not through the numbers of people, but through a quality of relationship between unlikely people.” – John Paul Lederach

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