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We hosted the third annual Augustana Conference on Undergraduate Research and Innovative Teaching in April!

IMG_6137On April 25th and 26th , the Augustana Campus hosted another successful annual conference on undergraduate research and innovative teaching.

Dr. Mélanie Méthot started the conference three years ago, in order to bring undergraduate researchers and their professors together to talk about doing research and teaching research skills. The conference is unique in that both students and professors are active participants and engage with each other.

The conference’s intimate and collegial atmosphere encourages dialogue by embracing both the perspectives of the teacher and the student in order to improve post-secondary teaching and learning. As Dean Berger said in his opening statement, “We have kept the conference purposively small, interdisciplinary and international as it reflects the values of Augustana.”

IMG_6132This year’s conference used Augustana’s annual theme of “Play” as a focal point for the presentations. Prof. Dan Miller from Calvin College in Michigan, discussed his work on integrated games as a learning tool in the social science classroom and described the integration of students and teachers at the conference as “delightful.”

Other presenters included two students from Zayad University in Dubai, and presentations from faculty from Dubai, the Phillipines, the U.K., and Canada.

Please see the conference website for more details.

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