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Continuing information about how to help with the Fort McMurray relief, and information for Fort McMurray applicants.

Donation information

Donate to the Red Cross

Donate to the University’s new Disaster Relief Bursary

Information for Applicants

High school applicants who have received an offer:

For those applicants who may be facing a temporary financial shortfall, we will give them the option to defer their tuition deposit payment until September, which will allow them to accept their offer and register in courses immediately without having to pay a fee. Applicants wishing to request this deferral will need to contact Student Connect directly. (They can also choose to pay their tuition deposit without deferring). An email about this was sent to affected students.

High school applicants who have NOT received an offer:

All high school applicants from the region have been evaluated and admitted where possible. Those that have not been admitted are either academically inadmissible, or we are waiting on further documentation. In the effort to offer admission as quickly as possible, we are going to contact these applicants to ask them to update their current-semester registration and interim grades using the self-reporting functionality on the application form. We can then use this updated information to re-evaluate based on combined averages. An email about this was sent to affected students.

Transfer applicants who have NOT received an offer:

Keyano College’s Registrar & Director of Student Services has mentioned that they are slowly gaining access to their system and hope to be rolling within the next few days. He also confirmed that the vast majority of the winter term grades were entered into the system before they were evacuated. This means that complete transcripts should begin to arrive within the coming weeks. Keyano issues paper transcripts only, so they will be working as quickly as possible to meet those transcript requests.

Further notices and deadlines for applicants

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