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The Alumni Day of Service event hosted over 40 people at the Miquelon Lake Research Station on June 4.

Built in June 2015, the Augustana Miquelon Lake Research Station (AMLRS) was developed to address a broad spectrum of research questions and learning opportunities.  The Alumni Day of Service event  hosted over 40 people at the Campus Research Station on June 4.

The group was welcomed by Trina Harrison Alumni & Special Event Coordinator , Anneka Bakker, Faculty Engagement Coordinator and Augustana Faculty Dean, Allen Berger.

Led by Augustana staff and professors, the work parties insulated and dry walled the garage, spread topsoil, installed a water collection system, split firewood, built a workbench and bench/table, and tested a new tent cabin system. There was great cohesion within the groups, as they sought to support each other and to be efficient with their specific tasks.

After the hard work and delicious lunch, the volunteers participated in a birding walk to locate about 33 species of birds and a beaver talk and walk to discuss wetland ecology. Every participant contributed greatly to the
mission of the research station which is to conduct research, provide learning opportunities, and to engage in partnerships with local communities, all in a sustainable manner.

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