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img_1712-editwebIt’s an exciting time of year, not only for new students experiencing Augustana for the very first time and returning students eager to be back learning and seeing old friends, but to those who are still in high school and looking ahead to the next few years of their lives. In the spirit of well-preparedness, now is the time of year for high school students to be considering an application to Augustana, which opens on October 1st. Before the stress of finals and graduation sets in, while the semester is still light and fueled by promise as opposed to coffee, it’s not a bad idea for students to be thinking about their futures, and what those futures could look like here at Augustana.

There are a few different ways that prospective students have the chance to experience exactly what it’s like to attend Augustana before they make a final decision. Throughout the year, Augustana hosts Preview Days, in which prospective students spend the day on campus. Preview Day includes a campus and dorm tour, lunch in our all-you-can-eat cafeteria, a presentation entitled Augustana 101, the opportunity to get financial advising and a rundown of admission requirements from an admissions advisor, as well as the opportunity to talk to faculty and current Augustana students to get a taste of what it’s actually like to study here. Our first preview day is on October 14th, followed by another on November 19th. Preview Days are also open to high school guidance counsellors who may wish to explore Augustana for themselves or bring a group of students, with the opportunity to speak to the Dean, Assistant Dean External Relations, as well as the Director of Student and Residence Services.

If unable to make those dates, or looking for an experience more tailored to your personal needs, prospective students also have the opportunity to take part in our “Student for a Day” program, in which they are paired with a current student and spend the day with them, touring campus and eating in the cafeteria. These students will also have the chance to meet with a professor or coach in the program they are interested in, and will be able to discuss specific requirements with admissions advisors. We also can arrange a stay in residence for those interested in getting the full first-year experience. Sign up here for a Preview Day or to schedule a Student for a Day.

Our students and professors aren’t the only busy ones around campus these days – Augustana’s admissions advisors have not only been here to answer questions from those considering Augustana, but have also been on the road recruiting. If you’re in high school, attending University fairs or curious about Augustana, look out for Lucas, Jon, and Vanessa, and don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any questions you may have. The advisors are also available by phone or email, and students can access this interactive map to determine which advisor is theirs.

If you’d like to stay informed, sign up for the monthly prospective student newsletter by emailing

Ready to take the next step? Apply to Augustana here and Residence here!

(be sure to apply for admission before you apply for residence)


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