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Assistant registrar Jonathan Hawkins’ blog post on the Athletics Scholar Award event that took place on Wednesday, October 26th. Congratulations to all of our exceptional 2015/16 Vikings Scholar Athletes!

img_6623Special contribution by Jonathan Hawkins, Assistant Registrar

I was delighted to emcee the 2016 Viking Scholar Awards Recognition reception yesterday and I’m pleased to share my words from the celebration for this blog post.

There are two posters in my office – one outlines the hardest final exam ever, and you are welcome to drop by and see it.  The other has a lot of fine print and dates (things you’d expect in a Registrar’s Office especially for someone with a History background!) – it’s got an eye-catching red/black/white layout, and prominently features a collection of fabulous-looking Augustana Viking team members.  You might have seen it around campus…in fact, 6 are award winners!

The poster proclaims Vikings as Champions, and, at the top, are three words in bold white: Classroom, Community, and Competition.  Now, Competition seems obvious – these are highly skilled athletic competitors after all.  Community makes perfect sense on two levels – as an athlete, you are part of a team – a community – that encourages, upholds, and supports each other; in a larger sense, Augustana as a small campus in the UofA highly values its sense of being a supportive community for students, staff, and faculty alike – community is a Viking strength and an Augustana strength.  Classroom, though, is what we strive for, what we hold as our highest desire, is that our Viking athletes are able to take that drive, dedication, and awareness that serves so well in their chosen sport into their chosen scholarly endeavour.  It takes all three of classroom, community, and competition to make our Viking athletes champions.  Interestingly, on the poster, ‘classroom’ comes first – which helps stress the importance Augustana places on the overall performance of our student athletes.

We as an Augustana community find many occasions to encourage and acknowledge our Vikings as competitive athletes in our community.  Now, we take the opportunity to recognize your presence as excellent scholars in our classrooms and community.  It’s worth noting not only the accomplishments that EACH of these students have achieved as scholars, but also to highlight that there’s a lot of you to be recognized…and, compared to other institutions in the ACAC and CCAA, we’ve got a lot more of you than most.  This truly makes the Vikings Champions, and are very proud of all your achievements.

The Vikings Scholar Athlete Awards focus on three specific sets of awards that these students have achieved:

ACAC Academic Athletic Awards
Honoring those student athletes who excel not only on the field of competition but also in the classroom, the ACAC honors those student athletes that compete in a sponsored sport within the ACAC and do the work necessary in the classroom to earn academic honor status at their respective institutions. [48 Vikings!]

CCAA National Scholar Award
The National Scholar Award is designed to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of CCAA student-athletes. To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year. From last year’s 94 CCAA member-institutions, 869 student-athletes were awarded the prestigious honour in their pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. [Average of 9 – Augustana has 41!]

Augustana Campus National Scholar Award
The Augustana Campus National Scholar Award is designed to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of non-CCAA student-athletes. At Augustana, this includes the Students in Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing, Indoor Track and Hockey. To be recognized, a student-athlete must achieve honours standing at their institution in the current academic year.

Please join us all in congratulating our 2015-16 Vikings Scholar Athletes:

Matthieu Martin, Cross-Country Running, Fine Arts & Humanities

Jason Abma, Volleyball – Men’s, Fine Arts & Humanities

Laura Graham, Soccer – Women’s, Physical Therapy

Anna Montgomery, Basketball – Women’s, Science

Katelynn Cook, Cross-Country Running, Science

Rhiannon Beatty, Curling, Science

Cole Feth, Golf, Science

Dylan Coupal, Hockey – Men’s, Science

Jeremy Margeson, Hockey – Men’s, Science

Evan Warmington, Hockey – Men’s, Science

Andrew Kaliel, Volleyball – Men’s, Science

Duncan McDonald, Volleyball – Men’s, Science

Rae Metrunec, Volleyball – Women’s, Science

Connor Gusdal, Basketball – Men’s, Social Science

Darian Smigorowsky, Basketball – Men’s, Social Science

Riley Wallace, Basketball – Men’s, Social Science

Bradi Lorenz, Basketball – Women’s, Social Science

Colleen Prenoslo, Basketball – Women’s, Social Science

Hayley Story, Basketball – Women’s, Social Science

Ethan Laverty, Cross-Country Running, Social Science

Benjamin Bates, Curling, Social Science

Andrew Klassen, Curling, Social Science

Jensen Manners, Curling, Social Science

Kaitlin Romaniuk, Curling, Social Science

Bradley Schroeder, Curling, Social Science

Hailey Smith, Curling, Social Science

Darcie Benoit, Golf, Social Science

Michael Harrison, Golf, Social Science

Preston Eshenko, Hockey – Men’s, Social Science

Jeff Lorenz, Hockey – Men’s, Social Science

Beau Taylor, Hockey – Men’s, Social Science

Daniella Burke, Indoor Track, Social Science

Dillon Lehman, Soccer – Men’s, Social Science

Adam McKenzie, Soccer – Men’s, Social Science

Braeden McKenzie, Soccer – Men’s, Social Science

Joseph Meinema, Soccer – Men’s, Social Science

Mark Wrubleski, Soccer – Men’s, Social Science

Molly Baldwin, Soccer – Women’s, Social Science

Alana Ell, Soccer – Women’s, Social Science

Lauren Feth, Soccer – Women’s, Social Science

Jenya Rust, Soccer – Women’s, Social Science

Shane Kimber, Volleyball – Men’s, Social Science

Thomas Regier, Volleyball – Men’s, Social Science

Nicole Brockman, Volleyball – Women’s, Social Science

Alana Fahlman, Volleyball – Women’s, Social Science

Jill Metrunec, Volleyball – Women’s, Social Science

Rebecca Petrie, Volleyball – Women’s, Social Science

Annika Olesen, Cross-Country Running, Social Science

Mackenzie Grove, Cross-Country Skiing, Social Science

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