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The University of Alberta-Augustana is putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to green practices.

Excerpt courtesy of Josh Aldrich, Camrose Canadian.


University of Alberta-Augustana project coordinator Mike Clermont (left) and facilities and operations manager Christopher Blades show off the recently completed solar project on top of the Augustana forum building. Josh Aldrich/ Camrose Canadian.

The university recently completed the second stage of their solar roof project, installing 469 panels on the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre and on the forum building. This is in addition to the 488 panels already on the fly tower of the Lougheed Centre. In all, they have the capability to produce 252 kilowatts per hour of energy, 130 KW of that is from the new panels.

According to facilities and operations manager Christopher Blades, the solar panels have a greenhouse gas offset of 125 metric tonnes of C02 mitigation for Lougheed Centre and 60 metric tonnes for the Forum.

“If you put the fly tower and the new installation together, you have enough power to power … 30 to 32 new homes,” he said. “That’s really significant.”

Blades says with the fly tower alone over the performing arts centre, there are already days where they are over producing energy and selling it back into the grid, despite the facility being busy. The university, however, still does draw on the power grid.

For Dean Dr. Allen Berger it is about more than saving a few dollars on electricity.

“It is also a matter of practicing what we preach,” he said. “We have an important sustainability component in our core or general education program that all of our undergraduates are required to take, so we are able to demonstrate by example the genuineness of our commitment.”

Read more in the Camrose Canadian. 

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