Intermittent Internet Access Posted on November 23, 2011

TLS has received reports of trouble accessing the internet. AICT has been alerted of the problem. Local resources, such as network drives, remain unaffected.   UPDATE: 1339hrs Off-campus internet resources seem to be responding. TLS is awaiting updates from AICT relating to the cause of the outage.

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Email/Groupwise/Webaccess Outage Posted on November 26, 2010

Scheduled for: Friday November 26th, 2010 @ 3:17 PM

The TLS email and GroupWise application server has experienced an error. It has been automatically restarted, and will be up at approx. 16:45.

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Vivaldi Outage Posted on October 10, 2010

Scheduled for: Sunday October 10th, 2010 @ 12:40 PM

On Sunday morning, October 10th, Vivaldi experienced an outage that affect client logins and network access. The outage was resolved as of 1315 Sunday

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Phone System Upgrades Posted on May 4, 2010

Scheduled for: Thursday May 6th, 2010 @ 5:00 PM

Augustana telephones will be off-line on Thursday May 6th from 1800-1830 due to system upgrades.

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Outbound telephone issues Posted on February 2, 2010

Scheduled for: Tuesday February 2nd, 2010 @ 1:58 PM

The intermittant outbound dialing issues appear to be resolved.

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*RESOLVED* – Internet Access Posted on January 5, 2010

Scheduled for: Tuesday January 5th, 2010 @ 1:18 PM

Internet access has been restored and is fully functional as of 1318 Tuesday January 5th.

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